CSA Editrice (CSA Publishing House) works in the book world since 2006. From the beginning, it has signed contracts with authors from all over Italy (some abroad), and has entrusted its works to book distributors.

Until today CSA has published about 500 books of fiction, non-fiction and handbooks. Over the years CSA has developed relationships with hundreds of other publishing houses, cultural operators and organizations all over Italy, with thousands of booksellers, distributors, authors and aspirant writers, and with literary agencies.
In January 2016 CSA has become a Ltd, sells and buys rights from international publishing houses and publishes mainly translations of foreign fiction and non-fiction works.
Currently it is negotiating with Serbian, Polish, Egyptian, French, English, German, Russian, Chinese and American publishers for selling and buying rights.

Through its brand IBA International Book Agency, CSA Editrice works on an international scale.

Free reading

You can send your new work accompanied by synopsis, a short biography and your contact details, and we will read it quickly and free. We will give you our considerations and, if you want, some advice on how you can try to place it in the book’s world.

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Complete summery sheet of the work to show to the publishing houses
Consultancy for the analytical identification of problems and necessary interventions
Cover design
Convertion to eBook
Drafting texts starting from your idea and the materials you have


Representation to Italian publishers
Representation in the rest of the world


Editorial marketing
Social media marketing services
Booktrailer’s realization
Realization of the Official Site of the author


Advice for copyright’s protection
Representation in the definition of contracts


Attach to your email your work accompanied by synopsis, a short biography and your contact details, and report in the text field any information about your project, your expectations and the professional services you intend to use.


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